First Line:

Thou, Whom seraphs joy in praising, Thou, Whom angel hosts adore.

Songbook: Majesty Hymns - Majesty Music

Page Number: 17

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Bob Jones

Tune Name: JONES

Themes: Praise and Adoration

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Thou, Whom seraphs joy in praising,
Thou, Whom angel hosts adore.
Can my stamm'ring tongue be silent
When I owe Thee so much more.

So my song must swell the chorus
While the angels' praises ring.
I, a sinner saved and pardoned,
Have more cause than they to sing.

All undone by sin and evil,
Child of condemnation I,
Yet Thou laid aside Thy glory
And for me came down to die.

Heir of heaven Thou hast made me,
Bought me with Thy precious blood,
Took the form of man upon Thee
That I might be child of God.

Composer: Joan Pinkston

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