First Line:

When Jesus Christ my Savior Prepared for Calv'ry's hill

Songbook: Majesty Hymns - Majesty Music

Page Number: 408

Song Key: B flat

Language: English

Authors: Ron Hamilton

Tune Name: TARA

Themes: Faith and trust

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Not my will but Thine Lord
Lead me to Calvary
Make my life a living sacrifice
Crucified for Thee

Verse 1

When Jesus Christ my Savior
Prepared for Calv'ry's hill
He went into the garden
And sought His Father's will
I read about His anguish
And feel His sorrow there
I see Him humbly kneeling
And listen to His prayer

Verse 2

My Lord became a servant
A man of lowly birth
He laid aside His glory
To dwell with sons of earth
But now He is exalted
Let ev'ry tongue proclaim
And some day all shall praise Him
And magnify His name

Verse 3

Lord Jesus I surrender
My will shall be Thine own
I lay aside ambition
And bow before Thy throne
I'll give myself for others
As Thou didst die for me
Lord send me forth with power
To live my life for Thee

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