First Line:

How long will you forget me, LORD? Forever will it be?

Songbook: Trinity Psalter Hymnal 2018

Page Number: 16A

Song Key: D

Language: English

Authors: OPC/URCNA 2016


Themes: Psalm 16

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1.How long will you forget me, LORD?
Forever will it be?
How long, LORD, will you hide your face
and turn your gaze from me?

2.How long must I be sad each day
in deep perplexity?
How long will my opponent stand
in triumph over me?

3.O LORD my God, consider me
and give me your reply.
Light up my eyes or I will sleep
the sleep of those who die.

4.Then would my enemy declare,
“At last I brought him low!”
And so my foes would sing for joy
to see my overthrow.

5.But still I trust your steadfast love;
your saving pow’r I praise.
The LORD has richly deala1.Preserve me, O my God;
you are my refuge true.
I say, “You are my Lord. I have
no good apart from you.”
The saints throughout the earth—
in them is my delight,
for excellent are they who live
as holy in your sight.

2.Those seeking other gods
shall multiply their pain;
their gifts of blood I offer not;
their gods I will not name.
O LORD, you are to me
my cup and portion sure;
the lot that you assign to me
you guard and keep secure.

3.The lot that fell to me
is beautiful and fair;
the heritage in which I dwell
is good beyond compare.
I praise the LORD above,
whose counsel guides aright.
My heart instructs me in his love
in seasons of the night.

4.I keep before me still
the LORD whom I have proved;
at my right hand he guards from ill,
and I shall not be moved.
My heart is therefore glad;
my tongue with joy will sing.
My body, too, will rest secure
in hope unwavering.

5.For you will not forsake
my soul unto the grave,
nor will you leave your Holy One
to see the tomb’s decay.
Life’s pathway you make known,
full joy of boundless store
is found with you; at your right hand
are pleasures evermore.
with me;
my songs to him I raise.

Composer: George William Martin, 1862

Arranger: Arthur S. Sullivan, 1874

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  • OPC/URCNA 2016