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PSALM 119:17-24

First Line:

Do Thou in bounty deal with me,

Songbook: The Book of Psalms for Singing

Page Number: 119C

Song Key: A flat

Language: English

Authors: ST> STEPHEN

Tune Name: ST. STEPHEN

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1 Do Thou in bounty deal with me,
Because I keep Thy way,
That by Thy favor I may live;
I will Thy word obey.

2 Unveil my eyes, that in Thy law
The wonders I may see.
I stranger am on earth; hide not
All Thy commands from me.

3 My soul is crushed because I for
"Thine ordinances yearn.
Thou hast rebuked the proud, accursed,
From Thy commands who turn.

4 Do Thou remove contempt from me;
Take my reproach away;
For I Thy testimonies still
Observe and will obey.

5 The princes high against me speak
Their counsel to fulfill,
But I Thy servant, meditate
Upon Thy statutes still.

6 Thy testimonies also are
My comfort and delight;
They are as men who counsel me
And lead my steps aright.

Publisher: Crown & Covenant

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