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First Line:

I was glad to hear them saying, "To the Lord's house let us go."

Songbook: The Book of Psalms for Singing

Page Number: 122B

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Psalm 122


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I was glad to hear them saying,
"To the Lord's house let us go."
For out feet will soon be standing
In your gates, Jerusalem
Salem, wee constructed city;
There assembled all the tribes, (the tribes)
Tribes that are Jehovah's own.

This the ordinance for Israel,
Here to thank Jehovah's name.
There are set the thrones of judgment;
There is David's hour enthroned.
Pray then for the peace of Salem;
May they prosper who love you, (love you)
Be there peace within your walls.

In your palaces be safety.
For the sake of brothers all,
For the sake of my companions,
I am saying, "Peace to you!"
For Jehovah's house within you,
Temple of the Lord our God, (our God)
I will ever seek your good.

Composer: John Hughes

Includes Wide Format PowerPoint file!

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