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PSALM 40:5-10

First Line:

O LORD, my God, how many are

Songbook: The Book of Psalms for Singing

Page Number: 40C

Song Key: A flat

Language: English

Authors: Psalm 40:5-10


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O LORD, my God, how many are 
The wonders Thou hast done!
How many are the gracious thought
Which thou toward us has shown!
No once can sort and set them our:
None can compare to Thee!
If I would tell and speak of them,
They could no numbered be.

No sacrifice of blood or meal
Is what Thou hast desires:
My ears Thou hast prepared to hear,
No off'ring hast required.
Then in response these were my words,
"I come! Behold and see!
Within the volume of the book
It written is of me:

"To do Thy will I take delight,
O Thou my God that art.
Because that holy law of Thine
Is deep within my heart.!
Within the congregation great
I righteousness= did preach:
Behold, Jehovah, Thou dost know,
I'll not restrain my speech.

I never have within my heart
Concealed Thy righteousness.
I Thy salvation have declared
And shown Thy faithfulness.
Thy mercy great, Thy steadfast love,
I ever have revealed.
And from the congregation great
Thy truth have not concealed.

Additional Information

to the tune ELLACOMBE

Composer: from "Gesangbuch der Herzogl"

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