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First Line:

LORD, our Lord, in all the earth ´╗┐How excellent Your name!

Songbook: The Book of Psalms for Singing

Page Number: 8B

Song Key: G

Language: English


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1 LORD, our Lord, in all the earth
How excellent Your name!
You above the heavens have set
The splendor of Your fame.
From the mouths of infants young
You the power of praise compose
In the face of enemies
To stop avenging foes.

2 When I view the skies above
Which Your own fingers made,
When I see the moon and stars
Which You in order laid,
What is man so frail and weak
That You should remember him?
What can be the son of man
That You should care for him?

3 Next to God you have made man,
With light and honor crowned.
You placed him above Your works;
Beneath him all is found:
Oxen, sheep, and all wild beasts,
Birds, and fish the oceans claim.
LORD, our Lord, in all the earth
How excellent Your name!

Publisher: Crown & Covenant

Includes Wide Format PowerPoint file!

Updated Format! Beginning in November of 2016, we changed the way we formatted our PowerPoint files. The font is larger and the staff lines are bolder, making the songs easier to read from a greater distance, including smaller screens/monitors in the rear of the sanctuary.

All songs digitized previous to that date are in the "older" format.


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