First Line:

Rejoice, O Zion's daughter,

Songbook: Lift Up Your Hearts

Page Number: 151

Song Key: F minor

Language: English

Authors: Herman Stuempfle

Themes: Maundy Thursday

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1 Rejoice, O Zion's daughter, 
and greet your promised king.
Spread branches in his pathway,
and loud hosannas sing!
He comes astride a donkey
in deep humility
to claim God's coming kingdom
of truth and equity.

2 O Christ, though king they hailed you,
they sent you out to die
for soon the songs of praises
were drowned by "Crucify!"
They stripped away your garments,
They made a cross your throne,
and there you died in darkness,
abandoned and alone.

3 But still you come among us
in cities built with pride.
You walk the streets of sorrow
where hate and greed divide.
Redeem us from our madness,
the clash of class and race.
Establish soon your kingdom
of justice, truth, and grace.

4 We shout again, "Hosanna!"
We hail you as our King!
Christ, stir our wills to action
to match the praise we sing.
Send us where truth is threatened,
where justice is denied,
and move our hearts to offer
the love for which you died.

Composer: Welsh, 19th c.

Publisher: Words GIA Publications, Inc.

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