First Line:

Sing a psalm of joy! Shout in celebration.

Songbook: Lift Up Your Hearts

Page Number: 717

Song Key: C

Language: English

Authors: Marie J. Post, Martin Tel

Tune Name: GENEVAN 81

Themes: Called to be holy

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Verse 1

Sing a psalm of joy
Shout in celebration
Let the tambourine
And the trumpet bring
Praises to our King
For his great salvation

Verse 2

Sound the festal horn
Your thanksgiving voicing
Praise the LORD your God
As he did command
When from Egypt’s land
You came forth rejoicing

Verse 3

Tune our hearts to praise
Turn our ears to hear you
Then in thankfulness
May we walk your way
And from day to day
Honor and adore you

Verse 4

When in need you cried
I was near and saved you
From the cloud I spoke
Answered your request
Meribah the test
I did not forsake you

Verse 5

O my people hear
When I call you listen
Choose no foreign god
Listen to my plea
Have no god but me
Come and be forgiven

Verse 6

I the LORD your God
Brought you out of Egypt
I removed your yoke
All your needs supplied
Open your mouth wide
Surely I will fill it

Verse 7

Oh that Israel
Would but hear my pleading
Oh that they would turn
Walk upon my path
I would pour my wrath
On their foes unheeding

Verse 8

With the finest wheat
I, your LORD, would fee you.
Honey from the rock
I would gladly give
that you all might live.
Hear me, O my people.

Composer: "Genevan Psalter"; harm. Dale Grotenhuis

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