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STAY WITH US - Lead Line

First Line:

Stay with us, till night has come: Our praise to You this day be sung.

Songbook: With One Voice

Page Number: 743

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Herbert F. Brokering


Themes: Christian Hope

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1. Stay with us, till night has come:
Our praise to You this day be sung.
Bless our bread,
Open our eyes:
Jesus, be our great surprise.

2. Walk with us, our spirits sigh:
Hear when our weary spirits cry,
Feel again
Our loss, our pain:
Jesus, take us to Your side.

3. Walk with us, the road will bend:
Make all our weeping, wailing end.
Wipe our tears,
Forgive our fears:
Jesus, lift the heavy cross.

4. Talk with us, till we behold
A joyful life You will unfold:
Heal our eyes
To see the prize:
Jesus, take us to the light.

5. Stay with us, till day is done:
No tears nor dark shall dim the sun.
Cheer the heart,
Your grace impart:
Jesus, bring eternal life.

Composer: Walter L. Pelz

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All songs digitized previous to that date are in the "older" format.


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