First Line:

The LORD’s my light and saving help— by whom am I dismayed?

Songbook: Trinity Psalter Hymnal 2018

Page Number: 27A

Song Key: B flat

Language: English

Authors: OPC/URCNA 2016

Tune Name: BETHLEHEM (Fink)

Themes: Psalm 27

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1.The LORD’s my light and saving help—
by whom am I dismayed?
The LORD’s the stronghold of my life—
of whom am I afraid?
When evildoers threaten me
to eat my flesh away,
my adversaries and my foes
will stumble in that day.

2.Though armies war on ev’ry side,
my heart will feel no dread;
though war against me should arise,
yet I will lift my head.
One thing I plead before the LORD,
and seek with heart upraised:
that I may come within God’s house
and dwell there all my days—

3. to gaze upon the beauty of
the LORD and see his grace,
and seek to know, within his house,
instruction in his ways.
For he will hide and shelter me
when comes the evil day;
he sets me high upon a rock;
his tent will keep me safe.

4.My head is lifted high above
my foes who hem me in;
I sacrifice within his tent;
with shouts of joy I sing.
LORD, hear me when I call to you;
be merciful and speak!
“Come, seek my face!” you told my heart;
your face, LORD, will I seek.

5. O do not hide your face from me,
and do not turn aside
your servant in your righteous wrath,
for you have been my guide.
O God, my Savior, leave me not;
do not reject my plea.
My parents may forsake me, LORD,
but you will welcome me.

6. O teach your way and lead me, LORD,
against my enemies.
To false and cruel witnesses
do not deliver me.
Yet I am sure that in this life
God’s goodness I will see.
Await the LORD; be strong, take heart.
For him wait patiently.

Composer: Gottfried Wilhelm Fink, 1842

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