First Line:

I am the Lord, your God, alone, who ended your slav'ry;

Songbook: Our Great Redeemer's Praise

Page Number: 437

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Julie Tennent

Tune Name: AZMON

Themes: The Word of God

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I am the Lord, your God, alone,
who ended your slav'ry;
there is no other god or lord, 
no other God but Me.

You shall not make an idol out
of wood or clay or stone;
nor of a person, place, or thing,
for  I am God alone.

You shall no take My Name in vain,
nor use it casually;
nor fill it with false images,
but guard it worthily.

Remember well the Sabbath day
as holy, set apart,;
in worship on this day of rest 
reorient your heart.

Give honor to your father and
your mother faithfully;
By this you will prolong your days,
for thus you honor Me.

You shall not murder, for the life
of everyone is Mine;
Made in My image, sacred and
a glimpse of the divine.

You shall be faithful and shall keep
your covenant of love;
Adult'ry breaks the union that
prefigures Mine above.

You shall not steal from anyone,
nor seek dishonest gain;
Don't steal their reputation or
their wealth or their good name.

You shall not lie, but guard the truth
from error or disdain;
Don't bear false witness or allow
a falsehood to remain.

You shall not covet anything–
it leads your heart astray;
Your deepest longings I'll fulfill–
walk ever in My way.

Composer: Carl G. Gläser

Arranger: Lowell Mason

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All songs digitized previous to that date are in the "older" format.


  • Julie Tennent
  • Public Domain