First Line:

Thou art worthy, Lord divine, To receive this praise of mine,

Songbook: Majesty Hymns - Majesty Music

Page Number: 27

Song Key: F

Language: English

Authors: German song; tr. Frank Garlock

Tune Name: SAMUEL

Themes: Praise and Adoration

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Thou art worthy, Lord divine,
To receive this praise of mine,
To receive this grateful praise of mine.
Thou hast mercy shown tome,
and my soul delights in Thee,
Evermore my soul delights in Thee.

Lord, I thank Thee for Thy love,
Draw my heart o Thine above.
True and faithful would I be,
Jesus keep me close to Thee.

By Thy grace so full and free
Thou has bid me come to Thee,
Thou hast bid me rise and come to thee.
Since Thy promise I have hears,
I will take Thee at Thy Word,
I will trust and take Thee at Thy Word.  Refrain

Since I trusted Thee that day,
Thou hast led me all the way,
Thou hast kept and led me all the way,
And some day in heav'n above 
I will praise Thee for Thy love,
I will sing and praise Thee for Thy love.  Refrain

Composer: German melody

Arranger: Frank Garlock

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