First Line:

Unraveled by uncertainty, the waters stir our doubt,

Songbook: stephenmfearing.com

Song Key: E minor

Language: English

Authors: Stephen M. Fearing


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Unraveled by uncertainty, the waters stir our doubt,
Though sea surrounds us on all sides, our faith is in a drought.
When storms arise and weather turns, our balance comes undone,
And right when we think all is lost, God’s work has just begun.

The boat was battered by the waves, the winds with fury blew.
What once was bad turned quickly worse, their dreadful panic grew.
But through the rain they saw a man who walked upon the waves.
They hoped that he would keep them safe from going to their graves.

“Take heart, my friends!” He yelled to them as thunder bashed their ears,
“Fret not, for I AM with you now, God’s stronger than your fears.”
Then Peter stepped out from the boat, and walked to reach his friend,
But soon distraction took its toll, he started to descend.

Then Jesus saw his friend’s distress and reached for Peter’s hand,
He held him in the savage storm, it ceased at his command.
Then Peter saw his faithful friend, his source of saving love,
He knelt in praise and worshiped God, for strength sent from above.

When doctors give the painful news, when memory starts to fade,
When bullets fly and children die, and trust has been betrayed,
Come, Jesus, save us from the depths and hold our hands secure,
When certainty seems but a dream, your steadfast love endure.

Composer: English County Songs, 1893

Includes Wide Format PowerPoint file!

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  • Stephen M. Fearing