First Line:

You sons of the gods, give the LORD as His right,

Songbook: The Book of Psalms for Worship

Page Number: 29A

Song Key: G

Language: English

Authors: Psalm 29

Tune Name: JOANNA (St. Denio)

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1 You sons of the gods, give the LORD as His right,
Ascribe to the LORD both great glory and might.
And unto the LORD's name its glory accord;
In splendor of holiness worship the LORD.

2 The LORD's voice is over the waters abroad;
And thunder proceeds from the glorious God.
Above the great waters the LORD from His height!
The LORD's voice of splendor! The LORD's voice of might!

3 The voice of the LORD splits the cedars in two;
The LORD shatters trees that in Lebanon grew.
Then Lebanon's hills and Mount Sirion reeled
When He made them skip like young calves in the field.

4 The LORD's voice in flashes of lightning exclaims,
The places it strikes all burst out into flames;
The voice of the LORD makes the wilderness quake;
The LORD makes the desert of Kadesh to shake.

5 The LORD's voice induces the deer to give birth,
And strips bare the forests that cover the earth;
But inside His temple all things will exclaim,
And everything found there will "Glory!" proclaim.

6 The LORD rules as King as the floodwaters raged,
And still shall the LORD rule throughout every age.
The LORD will the strength of His people increase;
The LORD gives His people the blessing of peace.

Composer: Traditional Welsh melody; arr. John Roberts, 1839

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